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Acquaint yourself with faculty from our online programs deparment here. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Alimaa Baatar

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Leadership, Tufts University

Bayaraa Zorigt

Vice President of International Relations

MS - Finance, University of Texas at Dallas

MBA, University of Texas at Dallas


Email: bayaraa@ider.edu.mn

Areas of interest: Leadership

Areas of interest: Entrepreneurship, Social Development

Robert Ritz

Director of Special Programs

University of North Texas


Email: robertritz@ider.edu.mn

Areas of interest: Emerging technology, machine learning, business intelligence

Stephen Jackson

Assistant Professor

MS - English and linguitics, LeTourneau University


Email: stephenjackson@ider.edu.mn

Areas of interest: Religious studies, English as a second language


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