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Ider University always welcomes international students. Whether you want to spend a gap year in Mongolia or complete your degree, our programs are affordable, highly accredited and a great opportunity to experience a new culture!



Fall Semester: September 1 - December 31

Spring Semester: January 6 - May 30

International Student Admissions

To apply click on the Apply Now button at the top of the page and complete the new student application. If you have questions please email


The following materials are required to apply:


  • Bachelors Diploma & Transcript

  • TOEFL or IELTS test results

  • Copy of passport photo page or other ID

  • Completed new student application



Our Bachelors of Business Administration program is open to international students from around the world. Students are able to study for a minimum of 1 semester (Fall or Spring) or to complete their entire degree. The program is great as a gap year as many of our courses can easily transfer to your home university!


Course topics include:


+ International Business

+ Management

+ Accounting

+ Finance

+ Entrepreneurship

+ English Writing & Speaking


Interested in studying at one of our partner schools in the United States? See our 2+2 program below.



Student Experience


While studying at Ider University you will get to experience everything Mongolia has to offer. A vibrant city, a rich culture with a deep history, and the vast steppes of Mongolia with their beautiful vistas. 


Each semester we arrange student trips outside the city to introduce our international students to Mongolian culture, food, games, and beautiful nature. Students get to ride horses, hike mountains, eat traditional food and visit nomadic family. 





We encourage students to apply at least 4 weeks before their arrival date. We take care of all the visa application processes for students.


Students are required to first submit all of the required documents during their admissions application. Once these are submitted and a 50% deposit is paid, the student visa can be obtained from the Mongolian consulate or embassy in the student's country of residence. Students from countries with no Mongolian consulate or embassy will receive their visa at the border entry point (airport or train station).



Dormitory and Meals


International students have the opportunity to stay at our student dormitory or with a host family if available. At the dormitory, 2 students share a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Host families cost about half of the dormitory cost. Host families offer a great cultural experience for the student, but may not be for everyone.


Students have the option of enrolling in a meal plan. If enrolled, the students have 3 meals a day at the school Monday through Friday. The cafe servers a mix of Asian and European style food, such as goulash, shepherds pie, noodles, soup and so on. 



ACBSP Accreditation


Ider University was accredited in 2014 under the rigorous ACBSP accreditation process. ACBSP is recognized around the world and is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education. A huge benefit to our students is the ability of their credits and diplomas to transfer and be accepted around the world. 

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How to Apply

About the Program

Study for 1 semester or 4 years

Semester is 16 weeks long

Instruction is 100% English

See tuition and fees below


Many international students want to study in the United States, but are not able to because of finances or other issues. Our 2+2 program is designed for them. Students can attend the Ider English School of Business and then transfer their credits one of our partner Universities to complete their degree in the United States.


Students can transfer their credits after the completion of the equivalent of 2 years of courses. Students in this program may qualify for a $20,000 per year scholarship to our partner schools. If you have questions about our 2+2 program, please email


Our partner universities:

LeTourneau University (Texas)

Lincoln Memorial University (Tennessee)

Brenau University (Georgia)

University of Bridgeport (Connecticut)


Our 2+2 Program



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