Student Life at IDER


At IDER students have a wide range of clubs and activities to choose from. Whether you want to improve your English at the Speaking Club or participate in creating a startup company through the IDER Honors Program, we have something for you. Our faculty is committed to giving students the opportunities they want to be successfull in the future.

Student Contests & Competitions


Every year IDER organizes the following activities:


  • Faculty student basketball championship

  • Faculty student volleyball championship

  • National Rhetoric Championship

  • English Speaking Tournament

  • Arts Festival

  • Chess Championship

  • Table Tennis Tournament

  • The Best of the Best Tournament

  • Class Tournament


IDER students also participate in the following national and international competitions each year:


  • Management Olympiad

  • International Marketing Olympiad

  • International Olympiad of English

  • АSK

  • Inter-University Basketball Tournament

School Events and Services


Several school wide events are organized each year with students and faculty. These events give everyone at the school an opportunity to come together and have fun.


  • New Student Orientation Day

  • Nature Field Trips

  • Halloween Party

  • New Year Festival

  • International Food Fair

  • English Festival

  • IT Help Desk

  • Career Fair

  • Volunteer Trips

  • Graduation Ceremony

IDER Honors Program and Student Clubs


The Ider University Honors Program is open to students of all majors. In the Honors Program students get the opportunity to work on professional projects and volunteer activites in their area of interest. There are also many student run clubs and groups for students to get involved in:


  • English Club

  • Rhetoric Club

  • Honors Program

  • Management Olympiad Group

  • Marketing Olympiad Grop

  • Student Union

  • Chess Club


Students are welcome to create their own clubs for interests or talents. 


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