Why Ider University Online?

Ider Online is an international university based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Ider is institutionally accredited at an advanced level to deliver bachelors and masters degrees. We believe students everywhere deserve a great education, wherever they live and whatever their income. 


Our goal is to improve the lives of our students and the communities they live in. Scroll down to learn more about Ider and our program or see our FAQs.

What Makes Ider Online Different?



Our faculty and business program ensure the quality of instruction is of the highest quality. We continually improve our program based on student feedback and learning outcomes. Recently Ider University was accredited by ACBSP, a leader in global business accreditation.



Ider Online is dedicated to providing the best education at the best price. We keep our prices as low as possible to ensure students everywhere can afford a great education. After all, money should never stop your dreams.



Learning online is a fantastic way to get your education. Through our online learning platform, you can take classes from your computer or mobile device anywhere you have an internet connection. You could sit at a coffee shop while completing assignments or relax by the pool while watching our interactive lectures.

Student Focus


We don't want you to just get a diploma. While studying at Ider, you learn the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the world. Ider's faculty is dedicated to your success, and your fellow students will give you invaluable perspective along the way.

How It Works

Where You Are


Our online learning platform can deliver your classes to you, wherever you are. You only need an internet connection and you are ready to go.

On Your Schedule


Our classes are designed to allow you to work around your busy schedule. Have a vacation coming up? Need a break? Our class schedule is designed to give busy professionals and families breaks. 

Through Engaging Learning


Have you ever sat in a boring lecture where it felt like it wouldn't end? Our courses are designed to engage you from start to finish. Through video lectures you can pause and replay, to collaborative assignments with your classmates, to independent research, you do not need to worry about another one of those boring lectures again.


Our 2+2 Program


Many international students want to study in the United States, but are not able to because of finances or other issues. Our 2+2 program is designed for them. Students can attend Ider Online and then transfer their credits one of our partner Universities to complete their degree in the United States.


Students can transfer their credits after the completion of the equivalent of 2 years of online courses. If you have questions about our 2+2 program, please email online@ider.edu.mn.


Our partner universities:

LeTourneau University (Texas)

Lincoln Memorial University (Tennessee)

Brenau University (Georgia)

University of Bridgeport (Connecticut)



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